Friday Favorites

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays!

If you know me, you know I love all things fabulous and fun. I have an affinity for beauty and organization, which I enjoy sharing with others. Check out some of my go-to products on today’s Friday Favorites.


Let’s start with my favorite – MAC Russian Red lipstick. MAC is the only lipstick I own and use. The choices are endless and at $17, MAC is more affordable than its competitors. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have 33 MAC lipsticks (yes, I counted), but Russian Red is my favorite shade. It is a neutral red, so it can be worn year round, unlike most of my collection which is seasonal.

My second favorite product is Chanel’s Black Satin nail polish. I know, I know, who in their right mind spends $28 on nail polish? I used to be an OPI-all-the-way girl, but one fine Christmas, my husband (then boyfriend) purchased three tiny, overpriced bottles of Chanel nail lacquer and I have been hooked ever since. Black Satin is my favorite color. As if the name didn’t give it away, it is black, and we all know black is the new neutral. Amirite? Seriously, though, this stuff wears better than any nail polish I have tried and is worth the steep price tag.

Next, my favorite face scrub – LUSH Dark Angels. Don’t let the black mud appearance turn you off, this product is magical! My skin is devoid of dirt and oil after using and baby soft to the touch.

As for the other items in the photo – the Rosé All Day clutch, 2017 Planner and mini tea pot with Balance tea – these are all items I love. I found the clutch at TJ Maxx last Spring and can’t wait to break it out again this year. I found the mini tea pot at HomeGoods for dirt cheap (like, $6.99 cheap), which I love to use with my Balance tea that my mom bought for me. It truly has a calming effect. And last but not least, my Papyrus planner. Bless my sweet husband for adding an overpriced planner to my Christmas gifts every year. I do not go anywhere without my planner. Yes, we all have phones and computers and tablets and Apple watches to track our busy schedules, but there’s just something about a tangible datebook that I cannot let go of. This same feeling is why I refuse to use a kindle and insist on buying bound books.

That’s a wrap for this Friday Favorites. Feel free to comment with your favorite products.


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