How to Get More Done in Your Day

Hi, friends! As promised, I’m going to share a little bit of my schedule with you. I have found ways to accomplish more in my day – and all it took was peppering in a few tasks during the week that I typically put off until the weekend. 


Between 6:15AM & 6:45AM – wake up, sip coffee, work on side hustle 

7:30AM – make bed, hop in shower (I do not wash my hair in the morning), get ready for work with news on in background

8:05AM – gather my lunch, put tea kettle on

8:15AM – take Theodore on brisk walk down our street, pour tea for the road (matcha green – good for digestion!) 

8:25AM – leave for work

9AM – 5PM – at work (note: I’m fortunate to have a day job that is truly 9 to 5 and doesn’t require me to bring it home with me. I know this does not apply to everyone.) 

5:45PM – arrive home, take T out, cook dinner (note: I go grocery shopping on Monday and pick up soup and salad, so it’s a no fuss dinner night.)

6:15PM – eat dinner, make a plate for Justin (with his new job, he gets home much later than I do, so we’ve adapted to eating separately – which stinks, but is reality)

6:40PM – clean up dinner dishes, change into gym clothes, wash face, throw in a load of laundry or pull weeds outside (or another needed household task)

Between 7:20PM & 8PM – Justin gets home and eats while we talk about the day

Between 7:40PM & 8:10PM – take T on walk 

Between 8:15PM & 8:30PM – head to gym (most days) or take T on an extra long walk

9:40PM – shower, get ready for bed while Justin cleans up rogue dishes and takes T out one last time, work on side hustle

10:20PM – fold laundry while watching TV as Justin gets ready for bed, lay in bed and watch TV

Between 11PM & 11:30PM – go to sleep

The above may seem like we don’t have much relaxing time, which is true, but we try not to sit around at night since we sit all day at desk jobs. Plus, we leave lounging for the weekends. Speaking of… weekends often vary because plans change. For example, if we have all day plans, or a wedding on Saturday, we save the cleaning for Sunday. And if we have plans on Sunday, we do the cleaning on Saturday. With Justin’s help, it takes us about 2.5 hours to clean, since we keep up with it during the week. We also try to get a quick run in outside (during nice months) and walk our pup. 

Since we have such a regimented schedule during the week, it affords us the ability to be more relaxed on the weekends to do what we want, when we want. 

Time management is super important if you’re OCD like me (LOL). I feel better when I’m doing more. And the saying is true… making your bed every morning DOES set you up for a successful day. 

Hope my schedule helps anyone who is struggling to fit many tasks in on one day. 

Oh, and a word of advice? Choose easy prep meals. We eat similar dishes often, but it really cuts down on prep and cleanup time! 


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