My Pillow, Ivanka Trump & The Bitter Cold

Quick post on a few thoughts on my mind. Happy Hump Day!

If you haven’t tried My Pillow yet, you’re missing out.

You know the commercial – cheesy, mustached man hugging a pillow, with subliminal messages peppered throughout the 30 seconds, leaving you crippled and with no choice but to furiously type the code of the week into the “promo code” box and order your newest waste of money.

But that’s exactly what it’s not. You’re thinking, “who spends 100 dollars on pillows?!” Well, me, but so have millions of others. And let me tell you, I haven’t awoken to a sore neck or any form of discomfort since I’ve been using My Pillow.

I highly recommend the splurge if you’re consistently getting unrestful sleep.

Speaking of spending, my latest purchases have sparked some satirical opinions of my own…

While a portion of Americans (and, oddly enough, non-Americans) have been hatefully chanting for the demise of number 45, and because we live in a weak, sheepish society, prices of Ivanka Trump’s fashion line have significantly declined.

I scored some of her most expensive products (which are great quality, BTW) for a quarter of the price.

So, if you want to parade around with hairy armpits and vagina hats – be my guest. I’ll be over here, getting more for less, using my savings to pump more money into other products, thus contributing more to the economy.

Even when the Trump family loses, they’re still, somehow, winning.

You know who are not winning, though? The residents of Northeast Ohio. This bitter cold has me wanting to hibernate and binge watch Netflix all day. Too bad I finished the third season of Fuller House already. Sigh

Have a great day, everyone!


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