I Purged My Closet & It Brought Unexpected, Ridiculous Happiness

Happy Sunday!

Yesterday, after lounging around with my usual cup of coffee, I forced myself to get up and finally reorganize my closet.

I’ve been trying to gain the motivation to clean out several spaces in my house that have succumb to my laziness and are now grossly messy.

My master closet was the first box to check off my list. My intention was only to clean up the clutter and color coordinate.

As I started, I realized the volume of untouched clothing I had, and wondered why I held on to some of these items for so long. What started with one ragged sweater, turned into purging 62+ hangers of clothing.

As I started inspecting each item, I decided on a few guidelines to help decide whether I should save or purge. I was so pleased with the end result that I wanted to share with my followers.

Follow these tips and I can guarantee you’ll feel pure bliss from such a simple task.


I started with three basic questions:

1. Does it fit properly?

2. Does it appear to be in excellent condition?

3. Would I wear this today?

If I answered “no” to any of the above, it went into the toss pile.

I had a few more revelations as I was purging:

1. I had been wearing clothes that were ill-fitting (too large) for the mere fact that I felt guilty getting rid of pieces I liked and were in excellent condition. The reality is though, as much as I liked the style, or the color, etc., I never felt comfortable or confident wearing them. And why would anyone want to wear clothing that makes them feel that way?

2. I held on to certain sweaters, blouses, and dresses that are just too old. They looked old. Why would I want to look old and tattered when I’m 26? Goodbye.

3. Why did I keep pieces that I know I would never wear again? Guilt. I forced myself to come to terms with the fact that we all make bad choices at times and I needed to cut my losses, even if the piece was pricey and I only wore it once…five years ago. Also, green never looks good on me. I don’t know why I keep trying. LOL


I believe this thought kept me from truly purging my closet prior to yesterday. Yes, you will feel a tremendous loss of volume. However, keep in mind that you most likely weren’t wearing half of your clothes anyway. Yes, my side of the closet looks somewhat bare. Even my husband was taken aback by my organization. Yet, every time I walk into my closet now, I feel a bizarre, immense joy. I can see all of my clothes. I now know exactly which types of clothing I do need to replace – which will cut down on frivolous spending and instead encourage smart shopping and building a capsule wardrobe.

Oh, and I forgot to mention – as I was purging, I created two piles: sell and donate. Honestly, I never have much luck selling, but I always like to try. And knowing that I tossed four garbage bags of clothes into the Salvation Army bin yesterday certainly made me feel better about cleaning up my stuff.

Now, onto J’s side of the closet…


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