How to Make a Healthier Pancake Without Sacrificing Taste

As I make my way through my postpartum journey, I’m trying to balance being ravenously hungry (thanks, breastfeeding!) and eating fairly healthy, nutritious meals.

I woke up today craving pancakes. Since life is about balance, I didn’t want to completely deprive myself of my craving, so I had an idea. Regular store-bought pancake mix has zero nutritional value, so I doctored up a little recipe of my own: chocolate protein pancakes and boom – fed my craving but added a bit of nutrients to an otherwise empty-calorie breakfast. Bonus: they tasted fantastic!

You don’t always need to sacrifice taste for a “healthier” swap.

What I used for the mix:

– Aunt Jemima Original Pancake & Waffle Mix

– Almond Milk

– 1 egg

– 1 scoop Ora Organics chocolate protein powder

I followed the instructions for pancakes, swapping regular milk for unsweetened almond milk and I omitted the vegetable oil. I then added one scoop of protein powder.

They tasted pretty great, too!


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