SAHM Thoughts

As I sit here, another morning in bed feeding and snuggling my 8 week old, I look down to see my sweet baby girl staring and smiling at me and I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and purpose.

Though the days of a newly minted stay-at-home mom can feel monotonous, I am particularly overcome with gratefulness today. Grateful to God for making me a mom to a healthy baby. Grateful to my husband who took on sole financial responsibility and still comes home to snuggle and bathe and read to our child. Grateful for my parents and other relatives who have helped and cooked and gifted in the first weeks transitioning into parenthood.

As I look at my baby’s precious face, I can’t imagine not being in this very spot with her every day.

I am blessed and thankful that our choice for me to stay home works for our family. Though this choice isn’t for everyone, I realize that this was my purpose all along – being an at-home mom. Parenting a newborn is far from easy, but it’s also the most natural and rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I feel a sense of joy when people comment that it seems like “we’ve done this before” and “most new parents are so rigid, unlike you guys.”

I often joked with my mom growing up about everyone seeming to have a special talent, or natural ease with certain things. I sarcastically commented that my question for God when I die is why he never gave me that “thing” that everyone else seemed to have.

I was a bit hasty in that ask.

From my pregnancy, through my labor, to my first weeks as a parent, I believe I have found my purpose.


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